Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome to My Korner

Welcome to my little korner of the world! It's been two years since I've attempted to create a blog; so let's see if I can pull this off. My great friend Skeezy got me interested in blogging again. I bet a lot of you know who I mean! He is one of the coolest cats I know and is so funny! I might as well go back and tell you how I met him while I'm mentioning him. I met him on the best cat website called Catster!! He joined my group I created for Siamese cats and he's been a dear friend ever since!

Well, this past week Skeezix was filling in for Snuzzy on It was my first time visiting Snuzzy so it was all new to me! Skeez had posted the cutest and funnies pictures of a variety of animals that had me rolling on the floor!! He did such a good job that you couldn't wait to wake up in the morning to run and see what Skeez had posted! I was so sad to see his duties end, but we're hoping they will invite him back. Snuzzy, as you probably guessed, is back and he is funny too! I highly recommend this website cause they say that laughter adds 8 years to a human's life; so just imagine how long we could live! Did I tell you I am a Siamese cat? *giggles*

Well, I can see I have a lot to say and hope you enjoy reading about my experiences. I have so much to learn on how to do more than write to make my blog interesting; so any help and advice is always welcome!

Ut-oh, it's time for my evening pills! I better close but just wanted to introduce myself and tell you how I got here! I'll be back soon to tell you more about my life and all the great friends I've made!

Stay Cool,


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