Friday, August 29, 2008

One of My Favorite Cat Videos!

This is one of my all time cat videos that I never get tired of watching! I found it while browsing videos on You Tube! Mom loves music and studied piano for over ten years. During that time she was NEVER able to teach one of her cats how to play this well. They did, however, enjoy wreaking havoc and playing anything but music!

I hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I think that was the most adoable litle clip of the cat playing on he piano.

Parker said...

Hi Toulouse!
It's nice to meet you on the blogosphere - I really like that video!

Whicky Wuudler said...

I do love Nora, she's so talented, I haven't seen that video for a while so thank you for posting it.

I hope you have a good weekend and don't have to hide too much. I know what it's like to not want intruders to get between me and my humans!

Daisy said...

Nora is my idol! I have been learning to play the toy piano with my clicker training. I can put my paw on the keys, but I cannot learn to press hard enough to make noise!

Marilynn said...

Hello, Toulouse,

We've seen Nora's piano playing before, and we love it. I'm happy to see a new one of hers.

Welcome to catblogging-ville!


Marilynn, Grace & Company