Saturday, September 27, 2008

Will be back soon!

Thank you Zoey and Maggy for my darling "Be Back Soon" sign. Mom has come down with a nasty flu bug and needs some bed rest. She is allowing me to read your blogs while she's resting and I'll be back real soon!!

Stay Kool,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Almost First Mom!

This is my mom's youngest daughter, Jenni who is a professional ballet dancer for the West Australian Ballet Company. The reason my cat mom was bred was to give Jenni a Siamese kitten of her own. So I was born on the side of mom's bed one night with the intentions of going home with mom's daughter to live forever. Well, Jenni's roommate was allergic to cats and I couldn't go live with her after all. Mom naturally fell in love with me and had to keep me! I will give Jenni credit for a lot of my personality. She did live with us my first 3 months of my life and she really spoiled me and made me who I am! She lives so far away though that I don't get to see her that often! Now here are some pictures of what she does for a living!

Here she is high in the air! Yup, in all the years she has been dancing, a guy did drop her onto a HARD hardwood floor and did sustain injuries. Comes with the job I guess. I think she's crazy. She is also almost 5'11", so that was quite a drop! *giggles*

Here's another ballet pose that must be hard to do! Mom tries and she just cracks me up!!!

I like this pose! She looks so pretty doesn't she?

Now this is a picture of me on top of the refrigerator trying to attempt a "Jump" just like Jenni would do hoping to land on my feet in one piece! *giggles*

We just received these pictures from her today through email so I thought you'd enjoy meeting her! If you are ever in Australia and like ballet, stop by and see her!
Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!
Stay Kool,

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Guess who came to dinner?

Isn't this poodle sweet? This one is, but my cousin, Dutchess, isn't! She and Aunt Linda came to visit today and while mom and Aunt Linda were talking, Dutchess helped herself to my toys! Now I don't have a lot of toys cause I don't play with them. I do however play with my mice and pipe cleaners. Well Dutchess decided she liked my mice and look what she did with them!

Can you recognize them??? I couldn't - but I knew they were mine by the smell of them. So the girls came in and saw what Dutchess did and made a big fuss over the poodle! What about me? Those were my toys chewed up not hers! So here's what I did!!

If you look closely, you can see me hiding in the corner of the closet laying on my pillow. This is my private closet where I go to pout or be left alone to think. ""Just wait til mom and I have to dogsit Dutchess" *giggles* Mom did feel bad and I know she'll get me more mousies, but if things couldn't be bad enough, our STEELERS LOST!!

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful day! I'm going to go to bed and pretend today was just a dream!!! Tomorrow will be Meezer Monday! Yah HOO!!

Stay Kool Everyone,

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bad Hair Day!

This poor cat doesn't know how his hair is going to turn out!

This poor cat had a bad day all way around! *giggles*

Now this cat looks a bit familiar!

Last but not least, Yours Truly doesn't look good as a blonde as much as he thought he would! Do you agree? *giggles* This is the work of my silly mom! She wants to be a blonde but doesn't have the guts to do it so she makes me one! I think that's why she dresses me in pink and makes me sleep on a pink blanket! Don't tell her but my favorite color is pink! *giggles*

Well tomorrow is Steeler's day in Toulouse's home, so I better get my Terrible Towel and decorations out so we win the game tomorrow! Hope you all had a great day!

Stay Kool,

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One of my crazy habits!

Does anyone have any idea why I do this??

Happy Wednesday everyone! Another gorgeous day in PA. Mom is a little under the weather so we just spent the day relaxing. I love it when I have mom all to myself. Now, mom wanted me to ask all of you if anyone else puts their toys in their food dish before they eat? I don't even know why I do it. *shrugging his shoulders* Just something I've always done. Maybe I'm afraid mom will take my pipe cleaner away from me, but that doesn't make sense. So if you have any ideas, mom would love to hear them!

I hope everyone had a great day! Might I also say in closing.... MEEZERS RULE! *giggles*

Stay kool,

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Real Surprise

Isn't this pawsome? This award was given to me by The Misadvenures of Me kitties! *Waves to them* I am tickled pink to receive it and will proudly pass it on to seven more kitties. I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have reached out and befriended me and helped me along my journey! I am motoring along a bit faster thanks to all the help and patience that I've received. This is the coolest planet on earth and I'm so glad I found it!

The Lengths I'll Go To For Pipe Cleaners!
Today Mom finally finished up her Fall cleaning! Thank goodness! I was about to go on strike because I felt alone and neglected! Pouting and hiding didn't even stop her which usually always works! She's off now to do some shopping and leaving me again! Can you imagine that? All I can say is there better be some pipe cleaners in those bags when she comes home! Just not sure how long I'm going to make her pay for her neglect. I guess I'll take a nap while she is gone and ponder on the subject! I'm sure I'll come up with something! *giggles*

Hope you are all having a great day!
Stay Kool,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

How I got the name, Toulouse

Happy Sunday everyone! Thought you might enjoy a clip from my favorite movie to let you know how I got my name. *giggles* I found it on You Tube and couldn't resist sharing it with you. Hope you enjoy it. Mom promised that we could curl up and watch the movie tonight. I can't wait!
Stay Kool,

Easy Like Sunday Morning!

I can't get more relaxed than this! This is my favorite sleeping spot where I spend most of my days and nites. Today is also a great day for sleeping cause mom will be glued to the TV watching football games. Sure is a rough life I lead! *giggles*

Now, if it doesn't start raining, maybe we'll take a stroll this evening!
Stay Kool,

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day full of pleasant surprises!

As you all know by now, I am new to Blogging. I have been so pleasantly surprised at how many of you have reached out to welcome me as well as help me with my blog. My dear friend Skeezix,spread the word to many of you to stop by and you all have made me feel right at home.

My new friends, Maggie and Zoey, made me the above Banner for my page which I really love along with the cool close up picture of me that I posted with my profile. They also gave me a really cute welcome picture of me with my favorite toys - pipe cleaners!!

This evening, Tigger sent me this adorable Welcome gift:

His sister Pye also sent me a lovely welcome gift! You know we could be twins except she is much prettier! *giggles*

You have all been so kind to welcome me into the Cat Blogosphere. Thanks go out to all of you!! I truly appreciate your kindness and willingness to help!
Have a very safe and enjoyable weekend!
Your Friend,

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fashion Friday: This is really me!

What I won't do for my mom! She came home one day tickled pink with this cute tee shirt. I couldn't refuse to wear it for her. However, wearing it was one thing, but she expected more -- pictures! This is the only picture mom has of me in a tee-shirt. Maybe I should give in a little and cooperate more with her. What do you think?

Now, this is more to my liking! I love to wear bow ties and glasses! I really don't know why! So which do you prefer?? *giggles*

Hope everyone has a very safe and Happy Weekend! My purrs are with all kitties and families who may be in the line of Ike! I'm crossing my paws that it won't be as bad as they are predicing!!!
Stay Kool,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Off Early to see Dr. Conklin!

This is my friend, Dr. Conklin!

Happy Thursday dear friends! In about one hour I will be boarding my carrier to go see Dr. Conklin. I've packed my pipecleaners and my Black Kitty Webkinz. *giggles* Not my favorite place to visit, but she does take good care of me and she is really cute and funny! You see, I have diet-controlled diabetes, early stage of CRF, high blood pressure and loss of sight in my left eye. (You can notice it in some of my pictures) Well I've been very blessed to have caught all of this early, but I'm not a good patient at all. You all know the crazy sounds Meezers make. Well my last visit I was GROWLING at mom when she picked me up!! So I will hopefully catch up with all your blogs later tonight but please cross your paws my lab work will all come back with good news!
Have a great day and to all you kitties in line of "IKE", please stay safe and well. I'm purring for all of you!
Stay Kool,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank You Maggy and Zoey!

I have to share with all my friends this precious picture that Maggy and Zoey made for me as a welcome gift to blogging! Pipe cleaners are the only toys I will really play with! They are light as a feather and fly like a bird! I think if I were human, I'd make a pretty good tennis player. Mom takes a pipe cleaner and twists and turns it into little toys of different shapes. Then she tosses them up in the air and I bat them right back at her. I'm really pretty good at this if I must say so! *giggles*

Thank you Maggie and Zoey for this thoughtful gift! I will proudly post it on my page for everyone to enjoy! I am so impressed and touched at all the kind and thoughtful things that so many have said and done to welcome me into your world of blogging. You're the BEST!
Your Friend,

Come Into My Office!

Up here, I'm untouchable!

Nothing escapes me when I'm siting here on my throne! *giggles*

You may think I'm sleeping, but I don't miss a thing!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Boy the week is going fast but as you can see, I sleep most of the day! That doesn't mean I'm not on watch! I see and hear everything that goes on long before mom does! My eyesight is failing but my radar is very keen! Not much disturbs me except someone coming to the door or the bloody vacuum cleaner! I head for my hideaway when that occurs. Mom likes to blame me for not cleaning as often as she should and tells everyone I'm afraid of the noise. I've got big shoulders and I can take it. She is right though. I am officially retired and expect everyone to respect my peace and quiet. I don't, however, return that respect to mom. I LOVE to play every morning around 3AM and expect mom to feed me and play with me til I get tired. What a sucker she is! She enjoys it though! Tell me.... wouldn't anyone? *giggles*
Well it's naptime again!
Stay Kool,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday's Cute Pics!

Aren't these adorable!! So fashionable!

This is the latest - a dander armour suit! *giggles*

Goodnight dear friends!

Tuesday Tummy Day!

Can you see my chubby tummy?

I hate to sound conceited, but this is one of my favorite pictures of me cause I'm curled up with my Grandma! She was my best friend and always played with me and bought me cool toys. She was 91 and mom said she's up in heaven now. My kitty friends up at the Bridge told me they saw her and she's doing okay. So that makes me feel good that she has made so many new friends. I sure do miss her. You would have liked her too! She loved animals!!!
I miss you Grandma!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mom took me for a stroll ride today!

Today was a beautiful Fall day in PA! Mom is loving this weather too much especially at my expense!! You see she bought me this stroller a couple years ago and she insists on taking me out in it! No matter how hard I cry, I can't win! Mom gets great pleasure out of embarrassing me for some reason! People come up to us and expect to see a baby in the stroller and sees me... to their surprise and laughter!!! I just think mom misses the fact that her kids are grown up so she's reliving those days through me! I've finally convinced her that I'm too big and heavy for this stroller and need a larger one before I'll be happy! Time will tell! However, I will share a little secret with you. I really do love going outside in my stroller and seeing new things. One tends to run out of things to do when stuck inside! In conclusion, mom's pretty cool and I know she loves me!!
Stay Kool,

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Toulouse's Cute Pics for the Day!

This Cracks Me Up!

Now This Shows True CATTITUDE!

Can anyone explain how this happened??

Did anyone else have a day like this? *giggles*

Stay Cool Everyone,

Siamese BBQ Birthday Bash!

Our Siamese Group 2007 Halloween Hayride!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Well as I told you, I was hosting a Catster Siamese Lovers Around The World BBQ Birthday Bash last night for kitties who had birthdays in August and September! We haven't had a group party in a long time mostly cause me and mom have been so sick and then Grandma passed away! So I felt it was time for us to get together!!

We really had a good time eating and catching up with one another. It really felt good. So good, we're getting our thinking caps on to plan another Halloween Party. Last year we held a virtual party at Sleepy Hollow and was chased by The Headless Horseman! Also had a Halloween Costume Contest! What a blast! Hard to beat that one, but we're going to try! *giggles* Can you believe it is September already!!!

Today is a lazy day! Mom and I went back to bed and decided to make today a day to read and rest! I want to tell so many of you how much I've enjoyed reading your blogs! I have so much to learn but am having fun doing it!

I'm off to curl up with mom!
Stay Cool,

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Some Cute Pictures I found!

I could get use to this way of life!

My Hero!!

This is the life isn't it? *giggles*

Aren't these bunnies adorable!!
Hope you enjoyed them!

I'm off to a Siamese Birthday Bash! Talk to you tomorrow!
Stay Cool,

Busy Week!

This is mom's daughter who terrifies me! She's rather pretty though!

If you remember, the last time I wrote I was expecting the "Monster Daughter" to come for a visit! What a weekend!! She arrived early Saturday and I tore off into the kitchen pantry... which is really a huge closets with lots of little corners to hide in! She tried and tried to get me to come out with everything from sweet words to the use of CATNIP! That was playing dirty knowing how much I am addicted to that stuff! Well the nights were long for mom and I did feel sorry for her. She ended up curling up on the kitchen rug sleeping so I would come out and take my medicine and eat! I have her wrapped around my little paw, and I do feel a little guilty but my mom slept with me both nights even if it was on a hard floor!!
Now my mom did have a great time with her daughter. They went shopping and brought home all these "smelly oils" that made me sneeze! What the heck! They had a good time and I'm glad mom got to see her. I even came out to say "Goodbye" which really made big points in mom's book! As she was leaving I think I heard her say she'd be back and would bring the kids with her! Oh no, not the KIDS!! Oh well, I could stand to lose a few pounds and if that's what it takes.... I'll be back in the closet again! *giggles*

Let me leave you with a couple cute pictures!

Stay Cool my friends,