Saturday, September 6, 2008

Busy Week!

This is mom's daughter who terrifies me! She's rather pretty though!

If you remember, the last time I wrote I was expecting the "Monster Daughter" to come for a visit! What a weekend!! She arrived early Saturday and I tore off into the kitchen pantry... which is really a huge closets with lots of little corners to hide in! She tried and tried to get me to come out with everything from sweet words to the use of CATNIP! That was playing dirty knowing how much I am addicted to that stuff! Well the nights were long for mom and I did feel sorry for her. She ended up curling up on the kitchen rug sleeping so I would come out and take my medicine and eat! I have her wrapped around my little paw, and I do feel a little guilty but my mom slept with me both nights even if it was on a hard floor!!
Now my mom did have a great time with her daughter. They went shopping and brought home all these "smelly oils" that made me sneeze! What the heck! They had a good time and I'm glad mom got to see her. I even came out to say "Goodbye" which really made big points in mom's book! As she was leaving I think I heard her say she'd be back and would bring the kids with her! Oh no, not the KIDS!! Oh well, I could stand to lose a few pounds and if that's what it takes.... I'll be back in the closet again! *giggles*

Let me leave you with a couple cute pictures!

Stay Cool my friends,

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Whicky Wuudler said...

Toulouse, it does sound as if you have everyone wrapped around your paw!

I'm glad your Mom had a nice weekend with her daughter, maybe next time you might be a little braver?