Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dream Big, Win Big

I have to thank this creation to my furry best friends, maggy and Zoey,for making this for me after a big Steeler win last night! Mom and I are big big big Steeler fans, but we also love to watch college football and are major fans of Florida, Florida State and Miami! *Scratches his head* Can you figure that one out? *giggles*

Well today is also a very important day for all Americans, and I hope you were all able to get out and exercise your right to vote!! I can't get this song out of my mind today, but GOD BLESS THE USA!!

Hugs and Purrs,


Parker said...

What a great photo!

The Cat Realm said...

We aren't big on sports but we are happy for you that your team won!

Shadow / Molly said...

They is great in makin piccys. Yoo look fab u lous

GRRRETA said...

Yay, Steelers!!! That's a really cute graphic. ZOOLATRY is the greatest!