Sunday, September 7, 2008

Siamese BBQ Birthday Bash!

Our Siamese Group 2007 Halloween Hayride!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Well as I told you, I was hosting a Catster Siamese Lovers Around The World BBQ Birthday Bash last night for kitties who had birthdays in August and September! We haven't had a group party in a long time mostly cause me and mom have been so sick and then Grandma passed away! So I felt it was time for us to get together!!

We really had a good time eating and catching up with one another. It really felt good. So good, we're getting our thinking caps on to plan another Halloween Party. Last year we held a virtual party at Sleepy Hollow and was chased by The Headless Horseman! Also had a Halloween Costume Contest! What a blast! Hard to beat that one, but we're going to try! *giggles* Can you believe it is September already!!!

Today is a lazy day! Mom and I went back to bed and decided to make today a day to read and rest! I want to tell so many of you how much I've enjoyed reading your blogs! I have so much to learn but am having fun doing it!

I'm off to curl up with mom!
Stay Cool,


brandi said...

Hey, Hello! Just found you via the Cat Blogosphere! I'll have my mama put a linkie up to your blog soon. We love kitties! Er, I mean hansome mancats (sorry to my sweetie, Mr. Hendrix)

The Island Cats said...

Hi Toulouse! Nice to meet you! That looked like a fun party that you hosted! A Halloween party would be really fun...and scarey!!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Brownie said...

Hi there! I'm Brownie, I'm a hamster from CR, nice to meet you :o3
You'll have fun with us!
Welcome! I'll link to your blog RIGTH NOW, because you're cool and I want to see more about you, I think you're COOL ;)


Anonymous said...

Hello, Toulouse... just heard about you at the Cat Blogosphere and wanted to drop in and welcome you. Take it easy today...

Skeezy said...

We are SO SO SORRY to have mist this grate party. The FL had to go to a funeral owt of town cuz her ant dide this week. Yer blog looks GRATE!!!!